Monica Gentile is a dancer, performer and choreographer from Italy, based in Berlin.  She graduated in Bologna (Italy) from the University DAMS THEATER through the department of Philosophy and Literature where she focused on dance and theater anthropology. Monica has trained in dance since she was very young, starting with Ballet and continuing into Contemporary Dance.  She has studied a range of techniques including Cunningham, Limòn, Nikolais, Release Technique, Contact Improvisation, physical theater and Butoh. Monica has trained in Martial Arts such as Kung Fu and Aikido and in 2010 became a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga. In her own work Monica has focused on somatic practices and movement research with a strong emphasis in improvisation and instant composition, working with live musicians. In recent years she has worked with artists such as Peter Player, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Renate Graziadei, Julyen Hamilton and Maya Carroll as well as making her own experimental choreography. The first project she signed as an author was MINIMAL DANCE, a production of Teatro Pim Off in Milano.

In past years Monica Gentile has collaborated on numerous artistic projects including “ROARS BANGS BOOMS” (2014) at MuseRuole Festival in Innsbruk, “Impressiones d’Afriques” (2013) with MK Company at Biennale Danza in Venice and has worked with choreographers such as Virgilio Sieni, Simona Bertozzi, Anna Albertarelli, Michele Di Stefano, Sonia Brunelli.  In 2010 she was finalist at the GD’A Emilia Prize, co –author in the work GARAGE KIT by the choreographer Francesca Burzacchini. Beginning in 2009 she worked with Cristina Rizzo (ex Kinkaleri) and six other dancers on a project called “CAN I”. From 2005 until 2008 Monica Gentile worked with Ghoatto Company founded by Anna Albertarelli and Roberto Passuti and Vi-kap with disabled dancers.  Monica has performed in venues such as Peraspera Festival (Bologna), Tropici (Rome), Teatro Valle Occupato (Rome), Santarcangelo Festival (Santarcangelo di Romagna), Nah Dran Festival (Berlin), Volksroom (Bruxelles) and Garage 29 (Bruxelles), DanzaUrbana Festival (Bologna), The Festival of Philosophy (Modena), Red Festival (Reggio Emilia), Short Format Festival (Milano) and Malafestival, Cavallerizzareale Theater (Torino).



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